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Francie Fortune
Executive Director

Francie joined the SunCatcher family in the fall of 2021.  Her original plan to volunteer as an equine caregiver changed within the first two weeks, and she joyfully accepted the position of Executive Director. Francie's background in ranch management, hospice and geriatric care giving, marketing, and wellness education all have prepared her to serve SunCatcher as we grow forward to serve more within our Black Hills community.  

Donna Fletcher
Office Manager & Volunteer Coordinator

Donna stepped into the office in 2021, and picked up volunteer coordinator in 2023.  

Wade Bromwich
Board Member & Farrier

Wade joined the SunCatcher board in 2018, and provides the farrier care for our herd.

Barbie Frerichs
Board Member

Barbie joined the SunCatcher board in 2018 after many years of volunteering with our program.

Kerri Cook
Board Member

Kerri joined the SunCatcher board in 2022.

Kent Wells
Board Member

Kent joined the SunCatcher board in 2023. He previously served as Site Manager.

Stephanie Owens
Board President

Stephanie joined the SunCatcher board in 2023.

Samantha Gorder
Board Vice President

Samantha joined the SunCatcher board in 2019.

Nancy Jeter

Nancy joined the SunCatcher board in 2022.

Erin Helvey

Erin joined the SunCatcher board in 2020.

Deb Alickson
Board Member & Program Coordinator

Deb joined the SunCatcher board in 2004, and has been part of SunCatcher since its start.  She has been an instructor and specializes in coaching our Special Olympic Equestrian sessions.

Shannon Reitzel
Board Member

Shannon joined the SunCatcher board in 2022.

A special thanks to all current and past STRA board members:

Kirby Mellegard, Darlene Gilby, Jean Johnson, Leisa Karlau, Tim Pederson, Paula Pederson, Mike Pendo, Tom Slaughter, Marian Reed, and so many others.

Your passion for helping horses help people paved the road for the work we do today--- thank you!


SunCatcher is a nonprofit organization that exists because of the generous donations of the community, family, and friends of our riders along with funding from businesses, organizations, foundations,  and grants.  It is only with this support, that we are able to succeed.

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